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The Parish Council is organising a public meeting on:


Saturday 10 December, 11.00 am to 1.00 pm, at Langham Community Centre


to discuss progress on the Colchester Local Plan and outcomes of the Preferred Options consultation, at which Cllr. Nigel Chapman, Ward Councillor for Rural North, member of the CBC Local Plan Committee and Chair, Dedham Vale (AONB) and Stour Valley Advisory Committee, will be making a presentation. All are encouraged to attend.





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The Community Centre is available to hire for events


Langham Community Centre - Colchester, United Kingdom


To make bookings for the Community Centre please contact
 Sue Armstrong. Her phone number at the hall is 01206 271127, on which there will be an answer phone.


The e-mail address for Sue Armstrong is: and her mobile phone number is 07741 284132  

Please note that when ringing the landline number for the Langham Community Centre, it will divert to the mobile answer phone. The Langham Community Centre has its own website with detailed information about the facilities, photos and rates.


Booking form for the Community Centre in pdf format 





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