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Langham Parish Council


Draft Minutes of the meeting held on 28th October 2008



1          Attendance and Apologies for Absence


Cllr. E. Schofield         Chairman

Cllr. C. Garnett            Borough Councillor

Cllr. W. Durlacher

Cllr. A. Ellis

Cllr. R. Watson

Cllr. Bottwood


Cllr. A. Stacey sent his apologies for his absence.


Also present was PCSO Sue Donaldson a new arrival at the Copford Neighbourhood Policing Team, 4 members of the general public and Mr. D. Winter, Clerk to the Council


2          Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest at this point, though it was possible that they could arise later depending upon the discussions.


3          Minutes of the Meeting held on 30th September 2008


Cllr. Bottwood proposed and Cllr. Ellis seconded the proposal that the minutes be agreed as accurate. This was accepted unanimously and Cllr. Schofield signed the minutes.


4          Matters Arising from the Meeting of 30th September 2008


Any items where action is carried forward are shown in the minute





Action By



Cllr. Watson proposed and Cllr. Stacey seconded the proposal that the Council purchase the CCTV monitor and donate it to the Community Council.

David Winter

Letter sent to the Community Council.


The Clerk was asked to write to the Community Shop Chairman to ensure she is aware of the situation.

David Winter

Letter sent 9/10/2008.


The Clerk was asked to add a note in the Newsletter to refer parishioners to the web page which has links to the planning office database

David Winter

e-mail sent 9/10/2008.

7.2 (a)

Bus Shelter

Details of the bus shelter on the A12 are to be sent to Mr. Harris so that concerns over safety may be addressed.


David Winter




Details sent 9/10/2008. See item 12.


The Clerk was asked to clear the proposal to fill in the ditch on the west side of the recreation ground with the Environment Agency.

David Winter


The EA will not give permission to fill in the ditch except where access is needed.

7.4 (a)

Youth Bus

Cllr. Watson will investigate this at the next CALC meeting.


Cllr. Watson



See item 7.4

7.4 (b)

Youth Activities in General

There was general agreement that the younger members of the parish should be consulted as to where does the village go from here. Cllr. Schofield agreed to co-ordinate this work with Cllrs. Bottwood, Watson and herself


Cllr. Schofield


In hand.


Cllr. Schofield and the Clerk will be trying to arrange a visit to a resident in Rayners Court.

David Winter


Visit made but the resident was out. Our details were left in case he needs to contact the Council.


The Clerk was asked to put up notices of the closure of Greyhound Hill and Mill Lane have been posted on the village notice board.

David Winter




The Clerk was asked to see if the prize money could be put into Premium Bonds.    

David Winter

Premium Bonds have to be purchased in an individual’s name so this is not possible.


Emergency Plan

All Councillors were to comment on the plan. 








Rev. Bull is to be asked if he will allow his name to be in the emergency plan.


Cllr. Bottwood is to contact Jean Brandreth to check the contents of the emergency box.


Now it is the end of the holidays, the caretaker of Langham Primary School was to be asked to see if he was prepared to be on the contacts list.



All Councillors








Cllr. Schofield



Cllr. Bottwood



Cllr. Watson


Cllr. Bottwood thanked the Councillors for their responses and the final version was issued to them.










Anchor Staying Put

Information about a gardening and repair service for over 60s is to be passed to Mr. Hewitt.

David Winter


Done 10/10/2008


RCCE Village Hall & Community Building Conference

To be held 18th October. The Clerk is to give this information to Mr. Cadman.

David Winter


Done 10/10/2008


Community Facilities Audit

This e-mail has been circulated to Councillors. The investigator is to be encouraged to contact Langham.

David Winter




Letter from Mr Michael O’Sullivan

Mr O’Sullivan has very kindly offered a donation towards the cost of replacement planters. This is to be discussed with Mrs Ellis.

David Winter


Letter sent to Mr O’Sullivan and Mrs Ellis will be working on the planters on her return from holiday.


The Finance Committee will look at the rate of return on the £26,000 bonds currently held on behalf of the Community Council once holidays have been finished.


Cllr. Durlacher

Cllr Durlacher recommended no changes until the current financial turmoil has settled.


The Clerk was asked to compose a letter for the Chairman to send to the Tolhurst family following the sad death of Mr. Tolhurst.

David Winter


Done 6/10/2008


The Clerk is to check to see if the Charities Commission would allow the Lettice Dyke Trust to be merged with the Thomas Love charity. Failing this, the possibility of increasing the assets of Lettice Dyke will be considered.

David Winter

Charities Commission contacted and we are awaiting a reply. See item 9.




5          Residents Questions.


5.1       Community Council Finance Committee


The question of Cllr. Schofield joining this was raised. Cllr. Schofield pointed out this was not possible because of potential conflicts of interest. The Community Council understood and accepted this.


5.2       State of the roads in Langham


The poor state of the road outside the Shepherd and Dog was pointed out. This has been reported to Essex County Council Highways and we have been told it is not a priority for repair. Cllr. Schofield informed the Council that she had been told that the repairs to Langham Lane were to be completed by the end of November, and that the road would be closed for a week. When more information is available it will be published.


5.3             Road signs around the Lodge Lane area.


Cllr. Garnett agreed to visit Mr. Hardie to see the extent of the problem and then to take action. Cllr. Watson suggested that if possible, proper signs to Lodge Lane should be erected.                                                                          Action - Cllr. Garnett


5.4             Hedges overhanging the pavement approaching Agrimix


This problem is to be investigated.                                         Action - Cllr. Garnett


6                    Local Police Representative


PCSO Sue Donaldson attended the meeting and explained she had recently taken over this position from Emma Rayment, being responsible for 16 villages in the Colchester area. She was standing in for PC Jo Barlow who is unfortunately unwell. PCSO Donaldson’s contact details are


  • Non-emergency number         1300 333 4444 extension 13400

  • Mobile number                        07966 197134

  • e-mail                            


7       Reports to the Council.


7.1       Planning                      


Cllr. Ellis provided the planning report for October 2008




Application no. 081485: Jeveck, Chapel Road – Retention of external staircase.


Application no. 081401: Martins Farm Barn, Dedham Road – Lawful Use Certificate.


Application no. 081595: Serenity, High Street – Erect free standing building.

Approve Conditional










7.2       Roads and Transport


(a)        Bus Shelter

Mr. Harris has asked for our request regarding safety to be considered and Richard Bailey will be responding directly to the Clerk once he has had the opportunity to discuss it with the bus operator and ascertained usage.

(b)       Speed Limit Changes

Cllr. Watson will continue to press for a 40mph limit on Park Lane, using the new office development as a sufficient change to justify re-examination. Changes in Government guidelines might provide additional arguments in our favour.

(c)        Essex County Highways Visit

The Clerk was asked to contact Mr Harris to check when we were likely to receive a reply to residents’ questions.                                                             Action – David Winter

7.3       Recreation Ground


Cllr. Schofield thanked those Councillors and members of the public who are providing help for bonfire night. Profits received from the bonfire night may be used for


  • An all age multi-gym.

  • Additional centralised storage facilities for the village.


Cllr. Durlacher reported that Langham has won an award for its recreation ground. This will be received by Mr. Bob Schofield and Mr. Charles Hewitt on Thursday 30th October 2008.


7.4       General Purposes       


(a)        Youth Bus


Cllr. Watson will investigate this at the next CALC meeting, there having been none in the last month.                                                                 Action – Cllr. Watson


(b)       Village Development Committee


The non councillor membership has almost been finalised and the next meeting will be arranged shortly.


(c)        Parish Plan


Essex County Council can provide up to 80% of the funding required for the top priority item on the Parish Plan action list providing the Parish provide the other 20% from the Parish precept. A meeting from 10 until noon is to be held possibly on 6th December to discuss the way forward. The upstairs meeting room is the only space available then.


Ian Hollands to be asked to confirm the likely date for circulation of the next newsletter to ensure that we have sufficient time to notify residents of the meeting proposed for 6th December. If this is viable Ian will also be asked to allow an insert to go in the newsletter.                                                                                   Action - Cllr. Bottwood


7.5       Housing


Colchester Borough Homes are to visit all Council properties in Langham, including Rayners Court which is supposed to be visited by the end of October. If contact is not made, Councillors should let Cllr. Garnett know.


7.6       Community Council    


There has been no meeting of the Community Council in the last month. The Chairman reminded Councillors of the dance in aid of Community Council funds to be held on 13th December, which she hoped many would attend


7.7       Ward Councillor          


(a)     Speed Signs


Cllr. Garnett reported that money was still available, and it was agreed that the Council would investigate the possibility of locating these in alternative sites such as Wick Road, School Road and Langham Lane.                              Action – Cllr. Watson


(b)       Site Visits


Before site visits to Jeveck are arranged, if requested by the Parish planning sub committee, Cllr Garnett would ask the Borough planning committee to "call this application in" for consideration.                                            

Action - Cllrs. Bottwood, Garnett and Watson


(c)        Planning for the Future


The key dates are


  • CBC has to agree the sites that are approved for development and this will go forward for public consultation in January/February 2009. The Councillor felt this would be the most important date for ensuring that the public’s feelings are known, but until then, he suggested we hold fire on any action.

  • The sites will be added to the plan in September 2009

  • The final public consultation will be in October 2009.

  • The chosen sites will be presented to the Secretary of State in November 2009.

  • In June 2010 will be the pre-examination of the sites.

  • In October 2010 the final decisions will be made.

  • The Inspector’s binding report will be out in February 2011.

  • The plan will become law in March 2011.


7.8       Footpaths                    


Cllr Stacey reported that


  • He has bought fuel and mo-line and fuel cans for the strimmer, has learned how to use it and has mowed footpath 49!

  • He has had a chat with Julie Riches and expressed satisfaction that the undergrowth had been trimmed on the field boundaries, by David Isted, so that Footpath 37 was more passable.

  • The situation on the ground as regards Footpath 31 is unchanged, but Mary Moir reported to Chris Garnett that its resolution was in hand.

  • He has recently started walking the footpaths and will be making a survey document for the P3 people.


8          Regional Village of the Year


The Village Development Committee is to is meeting soon and Cllr. Watson is to talk with the Clerk to ensure the timescales can be met.                      Action – Cllr. Watson


9          Lettice Dyke Foundations


Ideas as to how funds might be raised to increase the money available to this Charity included


  • A country/barn dance. The Clerk will investigate possibilities.

Action – David Winter

  • Cards and/or a calendar using Cllr. Stacey’s photographs.

Action - Cllr. Schofield

  • Use of a second web site with both local advertisements and “click throughs” for national companies. How this has been done at Rayne, including access to the money without VAT implications.                             Action - Cllr. Bottwood

  • Merging this charity with the Thomas Love Charity.   Action – David Winter


10     Operator’s Licences at School Farm Buildings


Cllr. Schofield declared an interest in this topic and took no part in the discussions. There is some concern as to how much extra traffic will be generated by the arrival of Guyott’s Engineering at this site at the end of November.


(a)        Planning Department


The planning conditions pertaining to this site are to be checked. Action - Cllr. Garnett


(b)       Other Action


The records held at the Eastern Area Traffic office and in the Parish and any private archives are to be checked.                                                            Action - Cllr. Bottwood


11        Correspondence Received


1          River Stour Trust

40th Anniversary Celebratory Dinner & Dance - £35..


2          Essex County Council - Highways

Details of the experimental road closure on United Way at the Community Stadium.


3          RCCE Taking Action Forward

Details of this event to be held 18th November have been circulated. Councillors might be interested in attending.

4          Colchester Borough Council – Forward Plan of Key Decisions - 1 November to 28 February 2009

An outline of the key decisions CBC intends to take in this period.


5          St John Ambulance

Confirmation of their attendance at bonfire night.


6          Colchester Borough Council

Statement of Accounts 2007/2008.


7          Common Ground

Copies of CBC’s newsletter were distributed.


8          Essex Playing Field

Details of the AGM on 30th October at which Langham will be presented with a prize were passed to Cllr. Schofield.


9          Grassroots Grants

Details have been received of funding of up to £5,000 for not-for-profit, voluntary or community organizations. Cllr. Garnett noted that he was a trustee of this charity and would be happy to answer any questions.


10        Essex Works

ECC newsletter. .

11        EALC County Update

Contact, training and other useful information, including an article on “Funding for Community Shops”, a copy of which has gone to Gill Flack.


12        Bus Passenger News

A revised timetable for service 93/95 Colchester-Ipswich, though there are no details as to what the changes are.

13        EALC Making the Links

This mentions the Making the Links event that Cllr Bottwood went to, and also the Essex Rural Commission to examine 6the issues around living and working in Essex (there is an on-line survey for those that are interested). The information was passed to Cllr. Bottwood.


14        Managing a Masterpiece

Information about projects in Dedham Vale was passed to Cllr.Durlacher.


12     Administrative Matters


In the last 4 weeks the major activities have been


  1. Completion and submission of the audited accounts and comments thereon to the Audit Office.

  2. Arrangement for the Chairman and her husband to go to a dinner held by the leader of Essex County Council to celebrate Langham’s success as village of the year.

  3. A meeting with Cllrs. Garnett, Ellis and Bottwood at the CBC offices to discuss the local development framework.

  4. Preparation for bonfire night.

  5. Visit to Lodge Lane and the Ramada Hotel with Cllrs Schofield, Ellis, Watson and Bottwood.

  6. Arranging the attendees for the Essex Playing Fields Association at which Langham will be presented with an award.

  7. A meeting at the Myland Parish Council offices to comment on the proposed Clerks’ Guide.

  8. The wind up meeting for the Village Design Statement.


13        Receipts and Payments


A list of receipts (£10,375 which includes the second half of the precept) and payments (£1,762) was circulated as part of the financial report. The Clerk reported that actual expenditure is likely to be £6,000 more than budgeted. However, income is likely to be £9,000 more than budgeted, giving a £3,000 improvement in the Council’s financial position. This does depend upon a successful bonfire night outcome.


14        2009/2010 Budgets


The Finance Committee is to meet during November so that budget proposals can be put to the Council at the November meeting.  The proposed dates are 19th or 20th November. Any items of expenditure the Councillors consider should be added to the budget should be submitted to the Clerk.                          Action – All Councillors


15     Next Meeting


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 25th November 2008, at Langham Community Centre at 7.30pm.


15        Any other urgent business


There being no other urgent business, the meeting closed at 9.30 pm.