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Minutes of the meeting held on 29th April 2008


1          Attendance and Apologies for Absence


Cllr. E. Schofield         Chairman

Cllr. W. Durlacher      

Cllr. C. Garnett            Borough Councillor

Cllr. A. Stacey

Cllr. A. Ellis

Cllr. R. Watson

Cllr. S. Gallup


There were no apologies for absence.


Also present was Mr D. Winter, Clerk to the Council


2          Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


3          Minutes of the meeting held on 25th March 2008


Cllr. Durlacher proposed and Cllr. Ellis seconded that the minutes be agreed as accurate. This was accepted unanimously and Cllr. Schofield signed the minutes.


4          Matters Arising from the meeting of 25th March 2008


Any items where action is carried forward are shown in the minutes.




Action By



A resident complained about the poor state of the A12 end of Park Lane, with protruding lumps of concrete and overhanging hedges at Old Park House. The Council would look into this.  

Cllr. Garnett



The Clerk was asked to send a note giving our best wishes to Mr Ernie Schofield.

David Winter



The Emergency Plan will be updated after the next election.

David Winter

Carried forward until new responsibilities agreed with Councillors following any changes from 1ST May


The Clerk was asked to find out details of the Youth Bus scheme, including what qualifications volunteers for this scheme will need.

David Winter

Done and details forwarded to Cllrs Schofield and Garnett, and Rev Bull


The Clerk was asked to approach Essex County Council to see if any parts of the Homestead could be used for the Church’ s proposed youth worker.

David Winter

We are on their list for when a decision is taken.


The Decent Homers project is due to be completed by 2010. The Clerk was asked to write to Colchester Borough Homes to ensure Langham houses are improved as soon as possible.

David Winter

Done and details forwarded to Cllrs Schofield and Garnett.


Cllr. Stacey is to have a word with Mr. Rix about marking footpath 33 south of Park Lane. It is passable as it has been sown to ley grass, but the line is not obvious to walkers. An alternative is to improve signage.

Cllr. Stacey

.No further action.


An extra key to the pavilion is needed for Cllr. Stacey. Mr Bob Schofield was arranging for this.

Cllr. Schofield

Carried forward.


The Clerk will submit Cllr Watson’s name to Colchester Borough Council to act as a representative on the Local Highways Panel.

David Winter

Name submitted to Colchester Association of Local Councillors.


An asset register has been discovered but will have to be updated

David Winter



Repayments for Urban Grass Cutting from Colchester Borough Council are to be investigated.        

David Winter



Clerk’s Contract - this was agreed and the contract will be produced.  

Cllr. Durlacher

Cllr Watson

Contract produced.


County Councillor Clover is to be invited, but if he is not too well we would understand if he felt unable to attend.

David Winter

He will be attending.


Paul Hinsley, who is attending from Essex County Council to speak on environmental matters, is to be asked about such items as solar heating. The aim is to ask him not only what individuals can do, but what can Parish Councils do?               

David Winter




5          Footpaths


An extra key to the pavilion is needed for Cllr. Stacey. Mr Bob Schofield was arranging for this.                                                                                                                        Action – Cllr. Schofield


6          Correspondence


The following correspondence had been received during the last month and was reviewed at the meeting.


  1. Friends of Historic Essex - A request for £10 to join their society has been made. The Council felt this was not appropriate expenditure given the other groups that are supported.

  2. Best Kept Playing Field Competition - A request for £10 to enter this competition has been made and was agreed. We are members of the Essex Playing Fields Association.

  3. NE Essex NHS PCT - Invitation to the formal launch of 5 year strategy on 13th May at Clacton. Cllr. Garnett expressed an interest in attending.

  4. CPRE Letter Writing Brief – The anti-litter campaign was noted.

  5. Mr. D Stevens - He has informed Langham Council that he has written to Colne Housing wishing to be rehoused in Langham. The Clerk was asked to write to Colne Housing to support his application once a vacancy arises.                                                                                                                                                        Action – David Winter

  6. Colchester Borough Council – Forward Plan of Key Decisions - 1 May to 31 August 2008 - An outline of the key decisions CBC intends to take in this period.

  7. Rydon Homes - An objection to the Colchester Core Strategy.

  8. Public Transport Information - Changes to bus timetables throughout Essex. Route 755/756 has been “standardised”.

  9. River Stour Trust - Notice of AGM.

  10. Richard Turner - Thanks received for his invitation to the monument unveiling and re-dedication.

  11. Colchester BC – A leaflet on services for older people. The Clerk was asked to pass this to Charles Hewitt to take to the Good Companions Club.

Action – David Winter

  1.  Safety at Public Events - Brochure.

  2.  EALC County Update - Information regarding


  • Clerk training

  • Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007

  • A12 Enquiry

  • NALC News

  • New planning legislation

  • Maldon Victorian Evening – seeking performers

  • Minutes of EALC meeting 13th March

  • Training for Councillors


This was passed to Cllr. Stacey for his inspection.

  1.  Essex Police - New non-emergency number – 0300 333 4444

  2.  Colchester BC - Common ground – several copy of the newsletter for Parish Councils, including the nomination for your favourite tree.

  3.  Essex CC - Letter regarding - Localism Agenda – Proposed Highway Rangers. A copy is to be e-mailed to Cllr. Watson.                                                 Action – David Winter

  4. East Essex Area Forum - Notes of meeting of 8th April at Walton.

  5. Dedham Guided Tours - Details of these tours. Copies on notice boards.

  6. Essex CC - Letter regarding introduction of 1 APP Application forms for planning. A copy is to be e-mailed to Cllr. Garnett and the new planning officer when appointed.

Action – David Winter

  1. Mr Brawn - Copy of a letter to Planning Protection objecting to proposed development at Birchwood, Dedham.

  2. Colchester BC - Letter regarding applications for HGV operators licences. A copy is to be e-mailed to the new planning officer when appointed.    Action – David Winter

  3. Duntons Almshouses Charity – There is a vacancy, details of which have been put on the notice board. If any Councillor knows of a potential applicant, they should contact the Clerk.

  4. Manningtree Museum - Thanks have been received for the donation for loan of display boards.

  5. Rayners Court Grass Cutting – This is to be discussed between Cllr. Garnett and the Clerk.                                                                                       Action – David Winter

  6. 2008 Colchester Youth Awards – details are to be passed to the Scouts.

                                                                                                                  Action – David Winter


7          Administrative Matters


An asset register has been discovered but will have to be updated.

                                                                                                                        Action – David Winter


The Clerk’s contract has to be approved by Cllrs. Durlacher and Watson.

Action – David Winter


8          Receipts and Payments


Cllr. Durlacher proposed and Cllr. Ellis seconded that a payment of £450 towards the upkeep of Langham churchyard be made. This was approved unanimously. 25 payments totalling £9,756 were then approved. Receipts of £10,793 VAT, £10,315 precept and grant, and £327 football hire had been received.


9       Next Meeting


The next meeting will be on Thursday 22nd May 2008, at Langham Community Centre at 7.30pm.


10        Any other urgent business


There being no other urgent business, the meeting closed at 11 pm.