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Langham Parish Council


Draft Minutes of the meeting held on 24th June 2008



1          Attendance and Apologies for Absence


Cllr. E. Schofield         Chairman

Cllr. W. Durlacher      

Cllr. C. Garnett            Borough Councillor

Cllr. A. Stacey

Cllr. A. Ellis

Cllr. R. Watson


There were no apologies for absence.


Also present were Mrs. Kimberley, Mr. Martin Bottwood and Mr. D. Winter, Clerk to the Council


2       Co-option of a New Parish Councillor


               Cllr. Watson proposed and Cllr. Ellis seconded the proposal t that Martin Bottwood be co-opted to fill the vacancy on the Parish Council. The Council unanimously approved this.


3          Declarations of Interest


There were no declarations of interest.


4          Minutes of the Meeting held on 22nd May 2008


Cllr. Garnett proposed and Cllr. Durlacher seconded the proposal that the minutes be agreed as accurate. This was accepted unanimously and Cllr. Schofield signed the minutes.


5          Matters Arising from the Meeting of 22nd May 2008


Any items where action is carried forward are shown in the minutes.




Action By


9.4 from 25/03/08

The Emergency Plan will be updated after the next election.

David Winter

See administration report.


Process of Co-option - Notices of a vacancy are to be posted on the notice boards and in the village news sections of the local papers. Councillors were asked to urge people to put their names forward if they are interested.

David Winter

 Done 29/05/2008




Village Handyman - Once Mr. Schofield was fully recovered, he is to be asked if he would carry on with the work.

David Winter

Done 27/05/2008 when he confirmed he would be happy to carry on with the work when he recovers.


The Clerk was asked to write to Mr. S. Gallup to thank him for all his work on the planning committee over many years.

David Winter

Done 27/05/2008


Roads and Transport - Cllr. Garnett was of the opinion that this composition of Council members was not as the original representation. This matter will be on the agenda to review in November.

David Winter

Decided no review necessary.

11.3 (a)

Recreation Ground Entrance Gate - The requirements of the groundwork are to be investigated and Mr. Whitnell approached for a quotation.                               

Cllr. Durlacher David Winter

See recreation ground report.


The Parish Plan was discussed and the possibility of using the same people as involved in the Village Design Statement (VDS) plus any remaining funds was discussed. The constitution of the VDS committee is to be investigated.

Cllr. Watson

See general purposes report.


The Chairman asked for all the Councillors to let her know what should be raised at the next Community Council meeting.

All Councillors

No specific items were raised.

11.7 (c)

Simon Harvey should be contacted to see if the Community Council might be able to obtain better ter licensing terms.

Cllr. Schofield

See community council report.


Invitation to Geoff Harris of Essex County Council Highways                                                                                                                     


David Winter

Invitation sent and accepted.


The poor signposting to Dedham from the northbound A12 was mentioned, and Mr. Alan Bligh was thought to be the correct contact. 

Cllr. Watson

This has been agreed between Cllr. Garnett and Mr. Bligh.


A complaint about the hedges overhanging the footway in Birchwood Road and the pedestrian gate at the A12 end of Perry Lane has been received. Paul Maplestone has been contacted and has said the Rangers would be asked to do this. The Clerk will reply to Mrs. Elmer.

David Winter

Mrs Elmer was answered. The Rangers have done the work and been thanked.


Essex County Council Highways are to be informed of similar hedging problems and raised manhole covers on Park Lane

David Winter

Hedging problems have been resolved with the residents. BT are responsible for the manhole cover and have been informed.


An e-mail has been received to ask for comments on the letter presented at the last Parish Council meeting. This is to be forwarded to Cllr. Watson.

David Winter

Done 27/05/2008


Essex CC would like an official contact here, and a list of any small activities we would like the Rangers to do.

Cllr. Watson

Contact has been arranged.


The Clerk was asked to write to John Faulkner to thank him for all his work he has done for the village, volunteering to help set up the post office. Thanks also to Elaine Busbridge.           

David Winter

Done 27/05/2008


The Clerk’s contract has to be approved by Cllrs. Durlacher and Watson.

Cllr. Durlacher Cllr. Watson

See administration report.


A key activity for June is to finalise last year’s accounts and prepare the annual return for audit.

David Winter

See administration report.


Grants of about £4,000 towards the cost of the War Memorial and USAAF Monument are to be claimed.

David Winter

See administration report.


VAT is to be reclaimed quarterly

David Winter

In diary for July


Next Meetings - Ian Hollands and Jean Brandreth are to be informed

David Winter

Done 27/05/2008


The Clerk is to write to Mr. Hawksbee and Mrs. Salt.   

David Winter

 Done 27/05/2008


6       Residents Questions.


Mrs. Kimberley on behalf of the W.I. asked the Council to complain to the Post Office about the poor service there had been Mrs Kimberley agreed to e-mail the Clerk with the details.  He would then contact the post office, EALC and Essex County Council.                                                        Action – David Winter



7       Reports to the Council.


7.1       Planning                      


Cllr. Ellis provided the planning report for June 2008




Application No. 080412 – Land to the rear of Barnfield, Park Lane, re. change of use from agriculture to garden/amenity area.  Approve conditional.




Application no. 080968 – Park Farm Barns


Whilst we see no difficulties in this application, we note that no details have been given yet of the proposed sewage treatment system, as the barns are not on main drainage and the system would need to cope with the extra employees. Also, although this is not strictly a planning matter, no reference has been made to the footpath to the east of this site.


 Application no. 081033 – Glebe House


No objections.


 Application no. 081034 – Glebe House


We note, in the Winston Design Partnership Heritage Statement that the proposal could be construed, in planning terms, as a means to obtain Planning Permission for a separate dwelling on the site, but that it is applicant’s intention not to sever  ownership of the building and surrounds. Other than this possible future concern we have no objections.


 Application no. 081045 Dove House


This application for conservatory extensions, if approved, would significantly increase the glass area of the whole property and the ground floor extension would be visible from Langham Lane, thereby causing us some concern. This is outside the Village Envelope and an extension in materials other than glass would be an “extension in the countryside” and also would have contravened policy concerning unacceptable increases in perceived bulk when viewed from a public place. Other than these concerns, we see no other difficulties with this application.  


 Application no. 081067 2, Spencers Piece


A small part of the proposed conservatory would be visible from School Road. No objections.


There were further discussions concerning the potential Park and Ride scheme proposed by Williamsons. Cllr. Garnett felt that Colchester Borough Council were very anti this proposal.


7.2       Roads and Transport


Cllr. Watson reported that the first meeting of the Highways panel is scheduled for 14th July.


Some small road repairs had been done around the village.


7.3       Recreation Ground


Cllr. Durlacher thanked Mr. Charles Hewitt for all his work in ensuring the high standard of the recreation ground that was reached in preparation for the Best Kept Village competition.


7.4       General Purposes       


The Village Design Statement (VDS) will be distributed in September to both residents and businesses. It will also be posted on the web site. plus any remaining funds was discussed. The constitution of the VDS committee has been checked and it is not possible to rename it as the Parish Plan Association, though any outstanding funds may be transferred to it. Action to resolve this will be co-ordinated by Cllr. Watson, with involvement from Cllrs Ellis, Stacey and Bottwood.                                                                              Action - Cllr. Watson


Copies of the VDS are to be sent to Colchester Borough Council and Essex County Council.                                                              Action - Cllr. Ellis


There was discussion concerning the creation of a Langham Heritage Society which was felt to be an excellent idea. Cllrs Ellis and Watson are to be involved with this though it is not a Council matter.


7.5       Housing


CBC is committed to completing the Decent Homes programme by 2010, but there are problems.


7.6       Community Council    


The Chairman reported that the annual fete has been abandoned because of a lack of interest. The next meeting will be in July, and if the Chairman was not able to attend, a substitute Councillor will be sought.          


7.7       Ward Councillor          


(a)    Boxted Travellers


These have returned to their normal site in Norfolk, leaving the Wig and Fidget site in a tidy condition.


(b)       NAPS Meetings


The Councillor had attended the last of the meetings for this area.


(c)       Langham Lane


This will be closed from 14th to 19th July for major repairs.


(d)       NE Essex Primary Care Trust Questionnaire


The Councillor had replied to this.


(e)       Rayners Court Grass Cutting


This is outstanding.                                                                         Action – Cllr. Garnett


(f)        Licensing Committee


The suggestion that Simon Harvey be contacted to see if the Community Council might be able to obtain better licensing terms is outstanding.

Action - Cllr. Schofield

7.8       Footpaths                    


Cllr Stacey reported that


  • Footpath 49 was overgrown.

  • The concrete slab on footpath 35 has been reported to Essex County Council (ECC)

  • Footpath 31 problems have been reported to ECC.


8       Invitation to Geoff Harris of Essex County Council Highways Department


Geoff Harris has accepted the invitation of the Parish Council to speak with Ray Smith on the state of the roads in Langham and other related matters at the meeting of 30th September. This is to be advertised in the Parish Newsletter and local papers, with interested residents welcome to attend. Any questions should be submitted in writing to the Clerk in advance. The downstairs club room is to be used if possible.                                                                   Action – David Winter 


9          Correspondence Received


1          Letter from Mr and Mrs Flack

This was a copy of their complaint to Colchester BC about the state of the local roads and the A12.


2          Letter from Mr Elmer about the Garden Club Funds held in Trust

The clerk replied to this and had a separate meeting with Mr Elmer to check any problems he had.


3          Essex Bus and Train Map

The Clerk was to give this to the Community Shop.              Action – David Winter 


4          Making the Links

Essex CC newsletter for May.


5          Tennis Club

Diagram of ideas related to a third tennis court and a multi-use club room.


6          Fieldwork

June newsletter of CPRE.


7          RCCE

This was a request for Langham to renew its membership at a cost of £55. Cllr. Durlacher proposed and Cllr. Watson seconded the proposal that the Council renewed its membership. This was unanimously approved.


8          Letter re Introduction of 1 APP and Local Validation Checklists

Passed to Cllr. Ellis.


9          EALC Training Course

Advanced Councillor Training Day 1 on 15th July.


10        Essex Training Partnership

There is an  intensive summer CilCA training for Parish Clerks. This will cost about £200 after taking into consideration the grant received by the Council. Cllr. Durlacher proposed and Cllr. Watson seconded the proposal that the Council paid for this course. This was unanimously approved.


11        Vitalise

This charity provides holidays for disabled people to enable their carers to have a rest. They are seeking donations. Cllr Bottwood proposed and Cllr Garnett seconded a proposal to donate £50 to this charity if it was legal to do so. This was agreed unanimously.                                                                                   Action – David Winter 


12        Bank Accounts

Documentation has been received to effect changes to signatories. The Council agreed that the signatories should be any two of Cllrs Schofield, Durlacher and Ellis.


13        Anonymous Letter to Cllr. Ellis

This contained a cutting about the Cuckoo Farm park-and-ride scheme.


14        Essex CC Public Path Diversion Order

Part of footpath 25 originally through the Fens.


15        Public Transport Information

A record of changes to bus timetables throughout Essex. No changes in this area.


16        Colchester Borough Council – Forward Plan of Key Decisions - 1 July to 31 October 2008

An outline of the key decisions CBC intends to take in this period.

17        Hanningfield Awards 2008

This is an award for young people. Cllr. Garnett took the details to see if there was a suitable candidate.


18        The Essex Design Initiative

Three books published by the Built Environment Team at Essex CC were given to Cllr. Ellis.


19        BT Proposed Closure of Pay Phones in Wick Road and Dedham Road

The Clerk is to submit a response indicating our opposition to this proposal.

Action – David Winter 

20        Essex Playing Fields Membership

Cllr. Durlacher proposed and Cllr. Ellis seconded the motion that the Council should renew its £25 annual membership fee. This was agreed unanimously.


10     Administrative Matters


The major activities were


  1. Checking the village’s assets on 27 May with the Chairman for insurance purposes and the asset register. Membership of the EALC has resulted in a 15% reduction in insurance costs. The Clerk was asked to distribute a list of the Village’s assets.                             Action – David Winter 

  2. Checking BT pay phones and action as a result of the proposed closures.

  3. East Essex Forum with the Chairman on 12 June, with the emphasis on Neighbourhood Action Panels and Children’s services. It is hoped that the 2 September meeting will be on Climate Change/Wind Farms etc. Councillors and members of the public are welcome to attend.

  4. From 13 June, a considerable amount of time has been taken up on work related to reaching the final of the Essex Best Kept Village competition.


The Clerk’s contract has to be approved by Cllrs. Durlacher and Watson.

Action – Cllrs. Durlacher and Watson


The Clerk was to investigate Councillor training for Cllr. Bottwood.

Action – David Winter 

The Emergency Plan is to be updated.                                  Action – David Winter


11        Receipts and Payments


A list of receipts (£1,000) and payments (£3,387) was circulated as part of the financial report.


Last year’s accounts must be finalised and the annual return prepared for audit.                                                                                                                         Action – David Winter 

Grants of about £4,000 towards the cost of the War Memorial and USAAF Monument are to be claimed.                                                                                Action – David Winter 


12     Next Meeting


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 29th July 2008 at Langham Community Centre at 7.30pm.


13        Any other urgent business


13.1    Cllr. Bottwood Committee Duties


Cllr Bottwood agreed to join the Planning and Roads and Transport committees.



There being no other urgent business, the meeting closed at 10.00 pm.