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I hereby give you notice that the next meeting of Langham Parish Council will be held on


Tuesday January 2009 commencing at 7 pm at Langham Community Centre.


Councillors are hereby summoned to attend this meeting at the place and time set out above.





1] Attendance and apologies for absence.


2] Declarations of interest.


To consider any Declaration from any Councillor in connection with any Agenda item below.


3] Beverley Davies from ECC to discuss grants


4] Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting


To confirm the minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 25th November 2008.


5] Matters arising from the minutes.


6] Residents questions.


To answer questions raised by residents. Residents are reminded that the Chairman or Clerk needs written statements 24 hours prior to the meeting for a formal reply.


7] Reports to the Council.


To receive reports from:


7.1 Planning:                               Cllr A. Ellis

7.2 Roads and transport:               Cllr R. Watson

7.3 Recreation Ground, including the bonfire night and the outcome of the application for a grant for extra storage:                               Cllr B. Durlacher

7.4 General purposes:                  Cllr R. Watson

7.5 Housing:                               Cllr C. Garnett

7.6 Community Council including a request for the Council to donate a 20 raffle prize to the Christmas fund raising event on 13th December:      

      Cllr E. Schofield

7.7 Ward Councillor:                     Cllr C. Garnett

7.8 Footpaths:                            Cllr A. Stacey


8] Eco-friendly House on Mill Lane


Opportunity for any comments


9] Essex Green Village 2009

The Council is to be asked if it wishes to enter this competition.


11] Correspondence received.


To report and consider correspondence received by the Chairman and Clerk


12]. Administrative matters.


Report from the Clerk.


13] Receipts and payments.


To report action taken by the Council and to approve receipts and payments


14] Next Meeting


The date of the next meeting will be on Tuesday 24th February 2009  at Langham Community Centre at 7.30pm.


15] Any Other Urgent Business.


To determine any other urgent business and issues for inclusion on the next Agenda.

(Note:  No decisions may lawfully be made under this item, but matters may be discussed which involve exchange of information).




Signed: Clerk to Langham Parish Council


Chairman                 Mrs E Schofield    Tel 01206 272448

Clerk                       Mr D Winter        Tel: 01206 322301