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I hereby give you notice that the next meeting of Langham Parish Council will be held on

Tuesday 24th February 2009 commencing at 7 pm at Langham Community Centre.


Councillors are hereby summoned to attend this meeting at the place and time set out above.




1] Attendance and apologies for absence.


2] Declarations of interest.


To consider any Declaration from any Councillor in connection with any Agenda item below.


3] Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting


To confirm the minutes of the last meeting held on Tuesday 27th January 2009.


4] Matters arising from the minutes.


5] Residents questions.


To answer questions raised by residents. Residents are reminded that the Chairman or Clerk needs written statements 24 hours prior to the meeting for a formal reply.


6] Reports to the Council.


To receive reports from:


6.1 Planning:                               Cllr A. Ellis

6.2 Roads and transport:            Cllr R. Watson

6.3 Recreation Ground              Cllr B. Durlacher

6.4 General purposes:                Cllr R. Watson

6.5 Housing:                               Cllr C. Garnett

6.6 Community Council             Cllr E. Schofield

6.7 Ward Councillor:                   Cllr C. Garnett

6.8 Footpaths:                             Cllr A. Stacey


7] Loan to the Community Council


The Parish Council is to be asked to approve payment of the loan of 1,000 to the Community Council to help towards the planned refurbishments as agreed at the July 2008 Parish Council meeting.


8] Hire of the Committee Room on 28th March 2009 for Speed Watch Training


The Council is to be asked to hire and pay for this room  for use in training the speed watch group.


9] Local Development Framework


Councillors are asked for any responses they may want to be sent to Colchester Borough Council regarding this.


10] Correspondence received.


To report and consider correspondence received by the Chairman and Clerk


11]. Administrative matters.


Report from the Clerk.


12] Receipts and payments.


To report action taken by the Council and to approve receipts and payments


13] Next Meeting


The date of the next meeting will be on Tuesday 31st March 2009 at Langham Community Centre at 7.30pm.


14] Any Other Urgent Business.


To determine any other urgent business and issues for inclusion on the next Agenda.

(Note:  No decisions may lawfully be made under this item, but matters may be discussed which involve exchange of information).


15] Closed Session



Signed: Clerk to Langham Parish Council


Chairman                Mrs E Schofield  Tel 01206 272448

Clerk                        Mr D Winter        Tel: 01206 322301